NASIRA is an innovative financial program that supports young, female, and migrant entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa and countries neighbouring Europe. 

NASIRA uses guarantees to allow local banks to on-lend to underserved entrepreneurs. It targets portfolios consisting of loans to young, female and migrant entrepreneurs (including refugees, returnees and internally displaced people). The goal of these guarantees is to allow local banks to provide loans to groups they normally perceive as too risky. By so-called ‘risk-sharing’ NASIRA reduces the perceived and real risks of lending to vulnerable and underserved parts of the population. It enables and stimulates financing needed for people who want to grow their (micro) business.

If you have questions about NASIRA, please contact: nasira@fmo.nl

The video below explains how the NASIRA guarantee works for local banks:

Click on the image below to download the infographic